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Depends what I get through the way of the snail.

The next person likes presents.

I love presents!

The next person likes to wrap presents.
Agent Smith
No. It is ver strenuous work, Mr. Anderson.

The next person will point out my typo
ver = very

(But after you read 26 fourth grade papers, mostly English language learners, you tend to gloss over typos...)

The next person is suffering from a headache - ouch!
Actually, yes. And Tylenol isn't helping, unfortunately. unsure.gif

The next person is experiencing very humid weather
Yep, but I got A/C!

The next person actually experienced yesterday's quake.

Being as how I'm in the wrong part of the world, nope - not even the after-aftereffects (in theory the wave should have travelled to here and shifted our plate by a few feet - but no one would notice.

The next person has experienced a UK-based earthquake... (late 80's there was a small one that I can remember - knocked everyone in my class off their chairs, and mum off the sofa back home!)
Nope, only quakes I've experienced are California based ones. The last one here was fun! (If you like that kind of thing)

The next person lives in an area that gets humid in summer.
Humid is an understatement.

The next person has a quote in their sig that makes my husband laugh.
As mine aren't really amusing, I'm guessing no!

The next person can name three bands named after animals.
Adam Ant
Afraid of Mice
Andy Gill
Beastie Boys
Big Electric Cat
Big Fish Ensemble
Black Crowes
Blue Hippos
Buffalo Springfield
Buffalo Tom
Cat Stevens
Counting Crows
Crazy Horse
Def Leppard
Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Eagle Eye Cherry
Echo and the Bunnymen
Faster Pussycat
Flock of Seagulls
Gladys Knight And The Pips
Glass Tiger
Howlin Wolf
Iron Butterfly
Josie and the Pussycats
Los Lobos (The Wolves)
Mink Stole
Modest Mouse
Other Geese
Pet Shop Boys
Ram Jam
Reel Big Fish
Robyn Hitchcock
Scruffy The Cat
Skinny Puppy
Snoop Dogg
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Stray Cats
The Animals
The Bears featuring Adrien Belew
The Beatles
The Beaver Brown Band
The Bees
The Byrds
The Crickets
The Dixie Chicks
The Eagles
The Fabulous Thunderbirds
The Finn Brothers
The Flying Lizards
The Golden Palominos
The Hammersmith Gorillas
The Jesus Lizard
The Lounge Lizards
The Monkees
The Partridge Family
The Spiders From Mars
The Turtles
Three Dog Night
Toad The Wet Sprocket
Trout Fishing in America
White Lion
White Snake
Kate Wolf
Though it misses out Super Furry Animals and Catatonia.

The next person thinks that was overkill.

The next person does right-handed cartwheels.
That would be an understatement.

The following poster found Quickhare's answer impressive.
Yes, seeing as I only said 3 bands...wink.gif

The next person likes to run.
For as long as my knees will let me, yes!

The next person prefers raspberry lemonade over regular lemonade.
I don't like lemonade that much, actually. smile.gif

The next person often engages in some sort of hobby to get away from reality
I like to make my own cards, but often I don't get away from reality doing so. Reality kind of carries on around me as I do my craft, all the while blissfully attempting to ignore reality.

The next person makes checklists so as to not forget to do things.
Only when I'm at work - after the students leave, and I have to prep the next day, it's helpful to know what I need to copy, read, grade, etc...

The next person has had something wiped out on their computer. (I'm afraid it's my report cards...gulp!)
It is the price I pay for having a crap computer, both at home and at work (although the one at work is generally slow rather than breaking).

The next person has a laptop they take to and from work, rather than two separate pcs...
Nope, and I prefer it this way. Easier on my shoulders going to and from work! wink.gif

The next person knows what television show Johnny Depp got his start on. drool.gif
That would be 21 jump street (now available on DVD)

The next person can name the rest of the cast.
Sorry, but I can't. wink.gif

The next person has an abundance of freckles
Not as many as my sis, but I do have quite a few. More shall appear as I spend more time in the sun over summer!

The next person to respond is feeling rather sleepy...
True, and I'm off to be as soon as read the latest on Anna May

The next poster will know of which HP story I am refering to.

I can't say I recall.

The next person can whistle with two fingers

The story is called Harry Potter and the Philitre of Promise over at Phoenixsong. Anna May is a precoious 7 yr old Seer who is a 1st year attending Hogwarts and is one of the best OCs created in many a month. The story is brilliant!

Philitre of Promise

The next person will express their preference for the NBA Finals outcome.
I never really cared much for basketball, so I guess I don't really mind if it's the Spurs or Pistons. But if faced with a definite choice, I would say Pistons.

The next person blushed today, at some point. blushing.gif
Not that I recall.

The next person was blessed with the honor of spending it with their father. (how I envy you)
Agent Smith
nope. My parents think Father's/mother's day is stupid. Just a way to waste money. Parents should be honored everyday

The next person is pumped up for the summer holidays.
Yep, especially since this is the first year in the last nine that I have not had to teach summer school as a means to make rent over the summer!! biggrin.gif

The next to repond is using a laptop.
Nope. Haven't used one in a long while, come to think of it. wink.gif

The next person finds it fascinating that the number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per side in a game of Chess is 318,979,564,000.
ARGH! MATHS!!!! ranting.gif That said, I do love chess, and try to be as un-mathematical as possible when playing, instead relying on being an evil, devious £&£(*"! (as on opponent put it).

The next person also plays chess from time to time...
Yes I do, with my nine year old, who reveals in humiliating his mother when he wins which is most of the time. blushing.gif

The next person was recently embarassed in public.
Nope, but I did that to my friend at her bridal shower on Saturday. We played the "game" where I wrote down all the things she said while opening her gifts then read them back as the things she will say to her new husband on her wedding night. She was rather red in the face... blushing.gif

The next person likes the smell of vanilla.
Yes I do.

The next person perfers floral scents to spicy.
With no real sense of smell, I would have to pass on this one.

The next person has the instructions for 3-D chess floating around the house.
I will have to say no to that one.

The next person finds it easier to study in silence than with soft music playing in the background

The next person has a radio playing in the background

Here's the link to 3-D chess

Well, I have headphones on, but listening to a CD, not a radio. Does that count? smile.gif

The next person has read 'Strange Highways' by Dean R. Koontz
Yes, I have! Great book.

The next person has light colored eyes.
Green in colour on most days, not particularly dark, so yes.

The next person had darker coloured hair.
I have fairly dark brown hair.

The next person has used an index card in the past hour
Nope, but have used the little card thingies on my Rolodex...does that count?

The next person likes talking on the phone.
Yes but I don't get to very often.

The next person likes banana splits.
Nope, they're icky.

The next person has had to do a speech recently.
Not in a while.

Banana splits icky? Shame on you! They're great!

The next person is taking a day off from work
In spirit, yes - in actuality ranting.gif

(Can anyone tell me what a ''C-1 Fatal Tree Error!'' is? Anyone? ANYONE?! ranting.gif)

The next person knows that despite all my complaining, I don't actually mind my job that much...
Of course, don't we all. Complaining is simply a means by which we relieve the stress of those things we cannot control while deep down we know life could be much worse.

The next person is thankful each day for their blessings.
Actually, thank you for reminding me of that. I was having trouble remembering that today until I read your post.

The next person likes to watch the sun set in the evening.
As often as I can. My children, all of them, often capture our attention towards a beautiful evening sky, painted as they have been told by their Grandpa. My little princess loves it when her Grandpa sends her purple and pink clouds.

The next person still looks for pictures in the clouds.
Of course. Its the only way to see the hidden spaceships and dragons that live in big billowy clouds.

The next person loves life, family, friends, and food!
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