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I have been catapulted back into the Wizarding world by 607 genius pages written by JKR.
I'll say i've finished it, and found it to be possibly one of the best thought out books i've ever read.
I'm going to refrain from saying much else until people join me saying they've finished, because i don't want to spoil anything.

Jen x

P.S. I'm sorry if theres a thread called this! I couldnt find one, and was rather excited during posting.
I agree with you, this was by far one of the best written books i've read especially how alot of it comes to terms at the end of the book, especially the chapter "The Prince's Tale", it really makes you look back on all of the other books and think about it. I still however, have a few questions that were never answered haha.
I loved it. So sad that it's all over now though. I'm kinda proud of myself, because all of my predictions were right (I predicted about snape and the locket), so that was kinda cool. And it's my new favorite Harry Potter book.
I feel as though i need to find out how Lily and James got together, because its unanswered for me and i hate thinking of Snape and Lily - though they were just friends.
I agree, I don't think it explained enough of Lily and James that I wanted it to, I wanted to know what they did for a living, how they met, how they fell in love, etc. I also wondered if Harry went to become an Auror like he wanted to or not. I always saw him as a future teacher of DADA at Hogwarts because he was always so good at it, but I guess not.
Those of you who are wanting more, never fear. She's confirmed that she will be doing an encyclopedia of Harry's world, where she'll explain more. Apparently, there was a more detailed epilogue that had to be trimmed because it didn't work with the flow of the book. In the video interview HERE, you can find out more about the characters, including what Ron and Harry are doing professionally.


(I myself absolutely LOVED this book! I'm still a little fuzzy on the wand possession theory, but I'm sure by the second or third re-read it will all make sense to me. And many thanks to my beloved QH who let me read all day on Saturday. Love you.)

Anyone else feel like sharing?
That book was the best of the bunch. Its so amazing how much foreshadowing and hints she drops in earlier books without us even knowing. I couldn't put it down and now I'm re-reading the series. Its going to be cool to read all seven in a row.
You know, that was the only way I was able to enjoy Book 5. I didn't like it when it came out, but when I re-read the series to get ready for Book 6 and read it as part of the series, I liked it so much better. It is great to read the series and pick up the little hints that were dropped in earlier books. I'm so thoroughly satisfied with Book 7! Now...let's get her started on that encyclopedia thingie of Harry's world! icon_book2.gif
Gondolin Girl
I really really enjoyed it. I still think that Half-Blood Prince is my favourite, but Deathly Hallows is a very close second. "The Prince's Tale" may just be one of the best chapters in all Harry Potter books. I thought it was excellent. I can't wait to go back and re-read it.

It's excellent news that she is doing an encyclopedia. icon_book2.gif
I quite agree with the rereading. After finishing up Hallows and reading the fan fiction here on this site, I started rereading the whole series again last monday and I just finished Prisoner, and I noticed at the end of the book, dumbledore does allude to the fact that harry will be thankfull for saving wormtail down the road. It's amazing how much I forgot over the years. The last time I read the first 5 was back in 2003 when Order came out, which is still my favorite book, followed by Hallows then Goblet I would guess.

Anyways, back to reading, bout to start chapter 1 of Goblet of Fire.
This is now one of my favorite books ever in life. Loved everything about it!!! I guess it also didnt hurt that I was right about so much! I too am over the moon about the encyclopedia!!! Love JKR!!!!!!!!!
I'm far too excited for JKR to do something else with the HP world. I can't imagine what i would be looking forward to if she hadn't said anything about an encyclopedia!
I just love that we'll get extra explanations on characters to answer our many, many questions.

I'm just so...satisfied by how it all played out. It was brilliant!
I was particularly satisfied that a lot of my friends who have read the whole HP series, failed to pick up on the hints that JKR was leaving about h/g!
Not one of them believed me. Oh how i laughed... x
what hints did you mean? I always hoped for it and I kinda new that it was going to happen, but up until the 6th book, I took no notice.

Also, did anyone notice back in the beginning of OoTP, when Aunt Petunia mentions she knows that the dementors guard azkaban, she says she knows because she that awful boy (i think thats she said) told her sister that when she was younger, which is quite funny because she is talking about snape. Been rereading the series again to pick up on snape hints, and I couldn't believe i found that haha.
I just mean hints about her big part in the Chamber of Secrets. The obvious one in HBP when she was the only one to move him from Dumbledore's body. Stuff like that.
I guess its not really big things...but their must have been some for so many people to ship h/g.

I never picked up on Petunia talking about Snape...thats genius. I CANT WAIT FOR THE ENCYCLOPEDIA! x
I DID IT!! I finally finished DH! That's saying a lot, as I'm trying to take care of a newborn when it came out. Thanks to my wonderful husband, I got to finish the last 5 chapters today while he watched our baby.

Now that I have finished, I loved this book! I wish there was more written between Harry and Ginny, though, and I'm very disurbed by some of the deaths included in the book. I am also very sad that the series has come to an end, but am now looking forward to rereading the series, sharing the series with my daughter when she comes of age, and the encyclopedia!
this was on of the worst books in the series. From the first time I read the title, to the last word, this book let me down completly. The deathly hallows didn't seem to fit in with the book and the whole time it seemed that J.K. just wanted this book to be done. She killed to many people and the fact that harry was a horcrux was way to predictable. Also, I hate the lack of romance in this book. When Harry came back to life, i started to laugh. That was just way to unbeliveable. Then i turned to the last chapter. I again started to laugh when i read what these people had named their kids. Who names their son Hugo? And why do all of Harry's kids have names that he picked out? Does ginny not get to help name her kids? And now just say this name: Albus Severus Potter. That kid is going to get beat up the moment he steps foot into hogwarts. All in all, I think J.K. could have wrote a much better book.
QUOTE(mynameisginny @ Aug 7 2007, 01:26 AM) *
Who names their son Hugo?
That occurred to me too so I did a little research (on and it turns out:
The meaning of Hugo is Bright In Mind And Spirit

As for the other names we know that Ron Bilius is named after a deceased relative so presumably the tradition continues through the generations.

Hi, by the way, everyone(!) *waves* Took me a while to get back online this year. I'm still writing my NaNo novel!

So what did I think? Well, still I prefer Azkaban above all others, including Deathly Hallows, but overall I thought it was a fantastic close to the series. Harry's still got issues *hee* but that's probably what makes his character so interesting to read about again and again - nothing like a flawed hero to make you take interest - thus I was especially glad with all the Dumbledore backstory - that was quite awesome. The stuff on Grindelwald was quality as well, especially the tiny little flashback on how he stole the Elder Wand in the first place - got a very good mental image on that when I was reading, especially the grin - not sure what it reminded me of though (irritating!)

Ron & Hermione did thier jobs very well as always, the perfect foil & counter-foil to Harry and each other in every situation - best part being Hermione 'welcoming' Ron back after the episode with the Doe.

Snape! SNAPE! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! I totally should have made a bet on him! But what a way to go, icky! I was almost expecting it to be a duel between him & the entirety of the Hogwarts' staff that got to him when it came to that but iI was happy with the way it came out regardless.

Ginny is the equivalent of Alan Rickman in the films - gleefully robbed most scenes she turned up in!

Lupin and Tonks I will not talk about, much unhappy Yoda I am. That said, glad the SHT was shot to bits by a new, far crueller & more inventive use of the silver hand - JKR knew exactly what she was doing there.

Draco Malfoy - hee, hee, hee - totally turned out the way I expected after the end of HBP - and yes, laughed myself silly at his receding hairline.

Hagrid & Grawp rock the earth! And socks!

The whole final battle I feel worked really well too, everyone played their part and the deaths of the characters who took part really illustrated the simple & deadly rules that take over - you live or you die - and there's not much you can do about it. Unless you're Harry, jammy sod(!) And to finish on this little part, my obvious highlight:

Molly Weasley in perfect form as Ripley there - and an end that Bellatrix deserved, although I personally wanted Neville to finish her off - but he got Nagini, so Longbottom's triumph is still supreme. If a bit crispy.

I know that the death, torture, rule under Lord V upset a lot of people but I was glad it was taken that way - it gave JKR a chance to show just how bad things can get when there's no one to oppose. The 'Taboo' charm was an awesome little insight into how you can have your freedom snatched away (even if it's just one word) and the Death Eater and Snatchers running around causing mayhem & havoc was a good way of showing how terror tactics would win over doing the right thing.

But speaking of doing the right thing I want to start my own version Potterwatch if I can keep a straight face for long enough.

Dobby crybaby.gif (that is all)

Aberforth! biggrin.gif

Gringotts! velho.gif

The Deathly Hallows story I thought was great, the idea of how they were woven into the modern wizarding society was awesome - I'm a bit fuzzy on how Harry's related to the brothers so I'll have to re-read that when I get to the end of the series again (although I'm currently working on The Dark Tower series - if JKR ever feels brave enough to read some Stephen King she should go for these - Book V is like an homage to her in one place!). I liked Harry's use of the Resurrection Stone in comparison to the other Hallows - the Invisibility Cloak was kind of a given with Harry since it turned up in Book I and the wand was clever but ultimately only had the one use.

That's all I can think of for now, but all in all, I was very happy with alphaomega.gif

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