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> WW 31/08/04, Don't fortget now, 15 Minutes only!
post Aug 31 2004, 07:15 PM
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Who me?
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post Aug 31 2004, 07:59 PM
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QUOTE (Highlight if you wish)
I apologize if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes  wink.gif

As the sun peered out over the horizon, bathing the dawn in golden light, Kim tightened her hold on Merissa, sighed to herself, and continued walking. She had been a sole survivor, a single memory, an only relic left from the tremendous disaster that had struck the previous night. She could still not believe how a single bolt of lightning had caused it all about. It seemed like it was just a minute ago, when she witnessed her beloved town engulfed in flames...

It was a day like any other, minus the heavy downpour of rain outside, soaking the forage bushes and corn crops. Kim stoked up the wood in the fire, tended to the cottage, and made sure the two dogs received equal portions of food, lest a fight would break out. Sending her three-year-old Merissa to bed after dinner, she went over to the kettle and poured some water into a cup. She rummaged in her drawers and came up with a dusty, grimy tea-bag, which she put in her cup for three seconds, then withdrew, so it would continue to last, like it had before. With an audible sigh, she plopped down on a shabby chair. "Life is not easy being a single mother", she thought to herself wearily. "It makes day-to-day tasks all the more difficult", she noted silently. She may have wallowed a bit more in self-pity, but just then a particularly violent flash of lightning hit a nearby tree. Jumping to her feet and chancing a glance outside the door, she saw, with horror, the condemned tree fall upon a house nearby. Stifling a cry, she threw caution to the winds and ran to try and help the trapped people inside, but it was too late. The tree fell right over the fireplace, which begun to grow in size and heat, spreading to nearby huts and sheds, devouring everything in its path. Hurrying back to her home that was starting to smoke, she grabbed her child, slipped a few coins into her pocket and ran. Ran away from the heat, from the smoke, from the heart-wrenching sight of seeing the place where she grew up consumed in a whirlwind of flames...

Trying to push these thoughts away, she clumped Merissa tight to her chest, and kept walking. She did not look back once. The smouldering remains of her town were part of a life she no longer had... or will have.


~ M.C.

Proud Member of the I.S.D.

“Hey Harry!” said Cedric, strolling up to him. “Did you hear those screams? I almost died!... Is that David Bowie?”
“Never mind that, look!” the American exchange student exclaimed. “I found the Triwizard cup! It’s mine! All mine! I’ll finally get the fame and glory and honor I deserve!”
“Stupefy,” said Harry. The American exchange student dropped to the ground, stunned.
“Woah!” Cedric exclaimed in astonishment. “You can do magic?!”
“Come on, Cedric,” Harry sighed. “We’d better take this together. You know, so Draco Malfoy won’t think I’m selfish. I really want to get with him, you know.”

-- Silver Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Omelette of Desire

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post Sep 2 2004, 08:21 PM
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Who me?
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"Just typical!" Exclaimed James, as  he threw his books on to the bed, "how can he be so inconsiderate, he knew how much I was looking forward to tonight."

"You alright James?"

"You could hear me then?" he replied as he turned to look at his visitor," you wern't studing were you Jen, I didn't mean to disturb you."

"Nah, was just coming back from my shift at work,  Tim disapeared of with one of his conquests again, has he?"

"Looks like it, selfish git, he knew that we were of to the pub tonight to play pool and get sloshed, it's been a hard week and I was looking forward to it, waste of time buying this really.",  Jen just had time to see what looked like a pair of new pool cue, before they joined the books on the bed.

"Well he can make do with some book vouchers for his birthday now, the miserable sod."

"You, really did need to get out tonight didn't you?"

"How'd you notice?" He repiled.

"Not sure really, perhaps its the way things that don't have wings are flying across the room..."

"Yeah that probably does give it away, but this week, no this term has been absolute hell, I'm gettiing it in the neck from home, and I just wanted to get out for a couple of hours, you know?"

"Oh yes, I know, look let me clean myself up, and I'll come with you and whip you at pool!"

"You, whip me, at pool? I don't think so!"

"Why, are you not equal to the challange?"

"Oh I'm equal to it alright, quiestion is are you?"

"Well you will just have to wait and see won't you," Jen Relieped impishly, befere disapearing off to change.
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post Sep 2 2004, 10:18 PM
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I'm co-ordinating internationally!... help!

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QUOTE ( Me on lack of sleep & in laminator purgatory)

There now follows a brief set of excerpts from actual conversations between the minds of Yoda and Carasek. No, seriously, they have minds. At least, I think I have a mind...not sure about Carasek. But anyway, I ramble, onto the seagull that was not:

Yoda: Greetings.

Carasek: Hmm, I thought you'd call.

Yoda: That's because I just told you on chat that I was going to call you.

Carasek: Aha. That explains my new found psychic abilities.

Yoda: Anyway, that bird that went off a second ago - what was it on kernowbirdexpert?

Carasek: You mean the bird running around in circles on the lawn?

Yoda: eh? *looks* oh.

Carasek: Not a bird is it Yo-da? It is, in fact, a small dog going 'yap'.

Yoda: oh sod off.

Yes, the seagull was in fact a 527.gif  . However, it is not just Yoda that makes mistakes. Observez-vous:

Carasek: Yoda, I've broken maths again.

Yoda: The same way you broke physics?

Carasek: It's worse biggrin.gif  You know the maths bit when you get one equals two because you've made a stupid mistake?

Yoda: Yep. (A/N: Even a maths degree does not make you infallible in this respect.)

Carasek: Well, I've made one equal 637,592.

Yoda: Oh. Can I see?

Carasek: Sadly not, my professor has confiscated it.

Yoda: Why?

Carasek: He's worried that I might be right.

Thus ends our excerpt madness. And as an additional note, I should mention that to this day it is still possible that Carasek may be right.

PS: Not about the maths thing though


Elyoda on the NaNoWriMo website

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post Sep 3 2004, 12:46 AM
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Part of the furnishings

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Paige stepped out of her science class after sayin goodbye to Mrs. Del-Colle. She breathed in through her nose and prepared for the long walk ahead of her. Gripping her books tightly in her right hand, she moved into the increasingly large crowd. She hoped the by the time she got into the 8th grade hallway, the hallway would be cleaer than it normally was, but then again there were always some people standing in the middle of the hall until two seconds before the tardy bell. She thought about her assignment for American History about equal rights for everyone. She sighed and kept walking.


Many waters cannot quench love
Nor can the floods drown it

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post Sep 4 2004, 12:12 PM
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It's a Small World After All
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QUOTE (My writings)
It all just stopped. Time, his heart, the class' mutterings. He knew that he had to answer. But he had no idea. The answer could have been one of an infinite number of suggestions, but he knew not which one it could have been. All he knew was that the answer was there somewhere, and he had no idea where it was.

He searched frantically through his mind trying to find where he had stored this information. Where he had placed this learnt fact. To fin the impossible.

A droplet of sweat started to run down his forehead.

He knew the whole class was watching him. He knew that they were all staring at him, waiting for his answer. It didn't help that the teacher was gazing at him in her stern manner, expecting her teaching to be perfect and for him to know the answer.

He started to feel very nervous. He knew it. He must have. He wouldn't be here if he hadn't have known, but this was just beyond him. What was it that he had to say, and was it right?

He knew he had to say something soon. The class were getting restless and you could feel the tension. In fact, you could cut the tension with only a meat cleaver and even then you'd have to strike several times to make an indentation in it.

The hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end. He felt a cold shiver down his back. He was nervous. He didn't want to be shown up, but knew that if he got this answer wrong, he'd be in deep trouble. He knew it. He must have.

Maybe he hadn't paid attention. Maybe he didn't care what the answer was. Maybe he made a mistake in even being there. He felt bad for not knowing, and that's the worst feeling he could have ever thought of.

Well he had to say something. Soon. People were starting to think that maybe he shouldn't have been there. That maybe he shouldn't have wasted his time or theirs. That he was stupid.

But he had to carry on. He had to give some response, so he thought of a possible answer, took a deep breath and thought only about what he was about to say.

What if it was wrong? What if it was said wrong? What if he made a huge mistake and showed himself up? What if he didn't get it right? What would happen? Would he been thrown out? Would he be the laughing stock of the entire world? Would they send him off to the moon with a one-way ticket for his crimes against intelligence? Would they all point at him and fall into hysterics?

He honestly didn't want to make an error. But, as he hesitated and paused, he was asked again.

This time he breathed in, closed his eyes and said, with as much confidence as he could muster...

"Martin. His name was Martin."

He felt relieved he said something, and was glad to know he got it right. He was glad that he was no longer the laughing stock of the class.

He breathed a sigh of relief as another pupil was picked out with another history question. And he looked around to see everyone treating him as one of them, and not an outcast for being wrong.

He no longer felt humiliated or bad about himself. He felt as one of the rest. He felt he was just like them. He felt he was an equal.



"To err is human. To completely screw up requires a computer."

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." [Lao-tzu]

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."
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