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Posted by: Imogen Mc Dec 31 2005, 01:12 PM

Just to keep you all posted about what's going on.

I was bitten by a savage plot bunny during November, and had intended on finishing it and posting it for you over Christmas. Unfortunately, the story's taken on a life of it's own and rather than being a shortish 5-10 chapter thingy, it's now longer than Carpe Diem!

The end is in sight - about 3 more chapters to go - but because I've got two unfinished fics already, I really thought it would be better to complete this one before I post it, so you know it's all done before you start reading.

It's called 'A Pensieve Affair' and fits right onto the end of the Carpe Diem Universe. It's a fic from a much older Hope's point of view (she's 22), and as the title suggests it's all to do with an imaginative use of a pensieve and the trouble that can lead to!

Posting is fairly imminent, and I'm planning on 2 chapters a week for you so that we can get it beta-ed and edited properly. Whilst that's going on, I'll head back and finish off 'Home' and then restart 'Nil'.

Hope that's ok with everyone, but I thought I'd better explain why I'd been a bit quiet this month!

Happy New Year to you all!

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